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Private-label online magazine publisher

Private-label online magazine publisher

Private-label online magazine publisherPrivate-label online magazine publisher

Stay In Front Of Your Customers, Prospects, Members, Affiliates And Vendors.


AdMax Private-Label Online Publishing

With decades of publishing experience, AdMax is focused on creating a beautiful, professional, private-label online publication for your company or organization. Learn more about our boutique publishing business and how it can keep you in front of your customers and prospects like nothing before.


Anticipating your questions on our publishing process, we hope to have answered many of them here.

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About Us


AdMax Corp Internet Publishing

We've been publishing both paper and online magazines all the way back to the 1980s.  When the cost and environmental impact of printing and shipping became excessive, we switched to online publishing allowing a drastic reduction in costs for both our company and our advertisers - while allowing us to triple our circulation and frequency.


Direct Email Campaigns Fail

Because most email campaigns are obvious advertisements, they rarely are opened.   Your message must be contained within current, compelling content in order to be noticed by your audience.  That's where  AdMax Internet Publishing comes in.   Your private-label online magazine will give your readers powerful reasons to open and review your offers.


It's All About Keeping Your Company or Organization In Front Of Your Customers, Members & Prospects

And there is no better, more cost-effective method of doing so than highlighting your company within your own private-label online magazine.



Why publish online rather than in print?

AdMax has published both print and online magazines, but since 2009 has published exclusively online.  The primary driver in that decision is cost.  While the cost to print and ship a magazine can reach $2.00 per copy, online magazines (e-zines) can be distributed for pennies each, can reach a far larger audience and can be distributed far more often than a print issue.   Dramatically reduced costs increase advertising opportunities and enhance the primary objective of keeping your organization constantly in front of your marketplace.  Almost as important, articles in the magazine can be hyperlinked to other content on the Internet including source documents, author bios and other content.

What do we mean by a "private-label" magazine?

The online magazine (e-zine) that AdMax would create and publish would be in the name of your company or organization.   The name, style and content will be determined by you.  To your readers, it will be exactly as if you had created and published the magazine "in-house."

How would the process work?

In simplified form, AdMax and a liaison you assign within your organization collaborate throughout the month on the content for your next issue as AdMax  creates the magazine using professional tools such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.  Using a Google Docs shared spreadsheet, you will be able to review the contents and progress of the magazine right up to the date of publication. Once the issue is ready for launch,  AdMax will publish the e-zine on a commercial, magazine hosting site where it can be viewed 24/7 (including all back issues) in a format where your readers can turn through, page by page, just like a paper magazine.  To point your readers at your magazine,  AdMax will typically schedule 8 email campaigns every month, emailing to each name on your list, highlighting a specific and unique article  or feature with each new mailing.

How often will our online magazine published?

AdMax recommends that an entirely new issue be published monthly in order to engage reader interest and to report timely on breaking company/industry news.  

Who will receive the link to our magazine?

Most organizations already have an extensive email list of customers, prospects and/or members to which the campaigns can be mailed.  If additional names are acquired, lists based on almost any parameter can be purchased at reasonable cost.

How large can our mailing list be?

There really is no upper limit.  The e-zines that AdMax currently publish go to a list of approximately 20,000 emails each.   Imagine putting your company in front of 20,000 prospects twice a week!  There will be incremental cost increases as the list grows due to increased cost of hosting and managing the list.  Smaller lists are also viable projects, but the economies of scale seem to dictate greater efficiencies for list sizes of 5,000 or greater.  Managing your mailing list, including new sign-ups,  is part of AdMax's service.

How many pages can we put in our magazine?

Again, there really is no upper limit.   Although a minimum size would probably be 8 pages, a typical issue could easily reach  50 pages - depending on your content, the content of contributors and the amount of advertising to be included.  

Ok, how much would our own private-label magazine cost?

You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this project can be.  There are several variables that will affect the ultimate cost, but  the  size of your list and the number of pages in your magazine will be the primary drivers.    

Is there a way to offset or eliminate the cost to publish our magazine?

Yes!  And this may be the best part: You can reduce or eliminate the entire cost of your online magazine by selling advertising in your publication!  AdMax  will help you create a professional rate card and including full specs and suggested ad rates based on size and frequency.  Who to offer ads to?   The opportunities are endless, but the obvious prospects include companies you deal with that would like to  advertise to your clients.   Are you an insurance wholesaler?  Ask your most prominent insurance carriers to place an ad. Are you a professional association?  Those companies who do business with your members and support your association will want in your publication.

How long does it take to receive a proposal?

After a short conversation to determine the scope and direction of the project, AdMax will deliver an in-depth, written proposal covering every aspect of our collaboration, including all costs and project details.  The proposal should be ready in less than a week.

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